July 06, 2018

How bottle condoms are ruining your bar credentials

How bottle condoms are ruining your bar cred

A thriving business with happy customers and good sales, that's every bar owner's dream. However, achieving this dream requires constantly managing and minimizing liquor waste.

A silent thief is lurking behind the bar, and it's not a sneaky patron with a taste for top-shelf tequila, it's the indecent exposure of your liquor bottles. Leaving your bottles open after use is a major issue with significant consequences.

Liquor evaporation

Liquor evaporation is a challenge in most bars and pubs. This seemingly minor oversight translates into a multitude of problems:

  • Reduced potency: Alcohol is a volatile liquid, and when exposed to air, it begins to evaporate. Customers who expect a strong drink might be left disappointed, impacting their overall experience. So it's important to secure your top-shelf or premium spirits as they can slowly lose potency over time when left uncovered.
  • Inconsistent flavour: As alcohol evaporates, it leaves behind a higher concentration of other flavour compounds in the liquor. This can alter the original taste profile of the spirit, potentially throwing off carefully crafted cocktails and disappointing customers who expect a consistent flavour experience.
  • Increased waste: Evaporation often leads to oxidation, a process that can render the remaining liquor unpalatable. This forces bars to discard partially used bottles, resulting in even greater financial losses.
  • Lost profit: Every drop that escapes an open bottle is money lost. Consider a bar with hundreds of bottles, the cumulative loss from evaporation can be substantial.

Add evaporation to the day-to-day liquor wastage caused by sloppy and inaccurate measuring and pouring and you can see the issue here. However, liquor loss isn't the only problem you'll be dealing with if speed pourers are not being covered properly.

ProFlow speed pourer shot

Insect contamination

Leaving liquor bottles uncovered creates a breeding ground for two more unpleasant problems: liquor dust and insect contamination.

These seemingly minor issues can have a significant impact on your bar's reputation and overall experience:

  • Clogged bottle pourers: Dust can accumulate on the openings of pourers, leading to clogs and disrupted service. Imagine a bartender struggling to pour a drink due to a malfunctioning pourer – a frustrating scenario for both staff and customers.
  • Health risks: Dust can also harbour bacteria and other microorganisms, which can potentially contaminate the liquor. This contamination risk can pose a health hazard to your patrons.
  • Unhygienic environment: Fruit flies are not known for their cleanliness. Their presence not only adds a disgusting visual to your bar but also increases the risk of further contamination.
  • Wasted Liquor: If a fruit fly gets trapped in an open bottle, the entire contents might become unusable. This translates to a financial loss and the need for more frequent bottle replacements.

In many parts of the USA, bars are regularly visited by inspectors, with hefty fines for those places found to have insects in their bottles. Poor hygiene behind the bar could be hugely damaging to a business.

So, to fulfil this need, the unsightly protector or dust sleeve, more commonly (and cringeworthily) called the “bottle condom”, was born.

Why bottle condom? Because they look like this.

Metal pourers and bottle condoms

A leftover from the pre-craft cocktail age, the bottle condom is a particularly ugly rubber sheath used to protect your speed pourers from dust, germs and creepy crawlies.

Snap-on protectors and dust covers

Like so many things still in use today, the bottle condom fulfilled a real need – at the time. But nowadays, this bar tool is really null and void with much better options available.

The better option? Uberbartools™ developed the snap-on speed pourer protector and dust cover to place on your speed pourer and put a stop to insects, dust and liquor evaporation. But just as importantly, it also looks a lot nicer than the traditional “bottle condoms”.

Embrace the power of proper bottle covers and pourer caps! These seemingly minor accessories will make a major difference in your bar:

  • minimize air exposure and reduce the rate of alcohol evaporation, ultimately preserving the strength of your spirits.
  • ensure every drop of liquor makes it into the drink, not onto the bar mat, by preventing spills and leaks
  • keep out dust, fruit flies, and other unwanted objects/insects, promoting a cleaner and more sanitary bar environment
  • shield your bottle pourers from accidental damage, extending their lifespan and saving you money in the long run.
ProFlow speed pourer on bottle with Snap-On protector cover

When so much of a good cocktail experience comes from the presentation and aesthetics of the cocktail itself, and the bar too, you don't want to risk your business on a lewd-looking, off-putting pourer cover.

So if you think condoms should be reserved for bathroom vending machines - then look no further than our appealing and practical substitute: the Uber Snap-On Protector and Dust Cover.

Investing in proper bottle covers and pourer caps is an investment in your bar's success. It signifies attention to detail, efficiency, and a commitment to quality control. Better for your bottles, better for your customers, better for your business!