How bottle condoms are ruining your bar cred

July 06, 2018

How bottle condoms are ruining your bar cred

There’s a problem occurring in most bars: a fly in the ointment (literally) and we need to address it. Yes, it’s time to tackle the elephant in the room… the indecent exposure of your bottles behind the bar.

Liquor evaporation is a problem in most bars and pubs. It's what happens when you fail to put the lid back on your perfume or cologne bottle. As time goes by, with the liquid exposed to air, the alcohol contained slowly evaporates, reducing the intensity of the fragrance.

Or in the case of a bottle of liquor, it reduces the Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of the spirit. And liquor loss in general is a common problem for most bars.

ProFlow speed pourer shot

Add evaporation to the day-to-day liquor wastage caused by sloppy measuring and pouring and you can see the issue here. But liquor loss isn't the only problem you'll be dealing with if speed pourers are not being covered properly.

One word. Bugs.

In many parts of the USA, bars can be visited by inspectors, with hefty fines for those places found to have insects in their bottles. That’s right, flying nasties like to crawl through speed pourer spouts and then float around in there, contaminating the drink and making a pretty disgusting discovery for the poor customer.

Poor hygiene behind the bar is really a no-no of course and could be hugely damaging to a business. 

So, to fulfil this need, the unsightly protector or dust sleeve, more commonly (and cringeworthily) called the “bottle condom”, was born.

Unsightly bottle condoms

Why bottle condom? Because they look like this.

A leftover from the pre-craft cocktail age, the bottle condom is a particularly ugly rubber sheath used to protect your speed pourers from dust, germs and creepy crawlies.

We said snap-on!

Like so many things still in use today, the bottle condom fulfilled a real need – at the time. But nowadays this bar tool is really null and void with much better options available.

Uberbartools™ developed the snap-on bottle protector to place on your speed pourer and put a stop to insects, dust and liquor evaporation. But just as importantly, it also looks a lot nicer than the traditional “bottle condoms”. 

ProFlow speed pourer on bottle with Snap-On protector cover

When so much of a good cocktail experience comes from the presentation and aesthetics of the cocktail itself, and the bar too, you don't want to risk your business on a lewd-looking, off-putting pourer cover.

So if you think condoms should be reserved for bathroom vending machines - then look no further than our appealing and practical substitute - the Uber Snap-On Protector

Better for your bottles, better for your customers, better for your business!

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