September 09, 2016

The Six Early Signs of Liquor Wastage in your Bar

Liquor loss and wastage is a silent profit killer for most bars.

Well run bars regularly lose 10-15% by volume of every served shot, with poorly run bars losing much more!

Over many years we’ve discovered 6 early signs of liquor wastage.

The six early signs of liquor wastage in your bar:

  1. Drips and mis-shots sitting in small pools on the bar counter or floor.
  2. Sticky counter tops/back bars.
  3. Broken speed pourers shoved into ice buckets, bins and other low viz/controlled bar areas.
  4. Excessive amount of “replacements” speed pourers and jiggers purchased monthly.
  5. Unexplained amounts of comps, mis-orders, staffies, broken/missing bottles.
  6. Reluctance to do regular inventory/stock takes.

Normally these signs are seen as isolated, unrelated problems, yet we know that something far sinister lurks below with 2 re-occurring culprits turning up every time: bad quality speed pourers and inaccurate jiggers.

To understand an issue, one must identify and then understand the problem. To do this, next week we’ll go through a comparison of the common speed pourers and jiggers used...let’s see at which end of the line you come out at!