About Üs

Since 2005, Überbartools™ has been designing innovative bar tools for bartenders, prosumers and brands. Initially inspired to come up with a solution to the obvious waste in bars and restaurants, today we export our products to over 30 countries.

Überbartools is proud of the difference we make, both environmentally and economically. We are on a mission to eliminate cheap, poorly-made and designed tools that end up in land fill.

Our vision speaks to both professional audiences and the prosumers inspired by the cocktail movement. It stretches past the bars we currently play in and out into the wider culinary world.

Über respects the artisan within every bartender, creating visually stunning, easy-to-use tools. We get to play wherever hospitality takes the stage, transforming the journey from bottle to glass, creating new cocktail experiences and engaging the senses.

From the backbar to the boardroom, it’s the people in hospitality industry that inspire us and ultimately brings Überbartools to life. We see the care that the best bars in the world take to deliver a great experience. It motivates us to take the same approach in the way we make decisions in our business.

Our company is proud of its achievements. We turned 1920’s bar tool design on its head to address issues never considered before: user comfort, safety, speed, accuracy and efficiency.

We absolutely love enabling our customers in the creative process of cocktail making and hearing them say: Yes, l did that! But most of all, we are excited to see our functional designs deliver extended product life, improved consistency and reduced wastage.