Bitters Bottles and Atomizers

While spirits, liqueurs, juicers and mixers are often the main ingredients of cocktails, the not-so-secret ones that further elevate a drink are bitters and atomizers. Bitter bottles and atomizers contain these small but key ingredients to add complexity, depth, and balance to drinks. These are essential accessories for precise dispensing of aromatic bitters and flavour-enhancing ingredients.

Bitters are flavour extracts that infuse barks, flowers, roots, berries, citrus peels, and other botanicals into a liquid. These are like cocktail seasonings stored and dispensed in bitter bottles.

Atomizers take the use of bitters to a different state of matter. By converting the liquid bitters into a fine mist, atomizers allow for a subtle infusion of flavour and aromatics. These are stored in containers with spray nozzles. The JetMister is perfect for this purpose.

Add these to your bar kit to unlock new flavours to your cocktail menu!