What We Do

At Über, we celebrate the brands, businesses and bartenders who move our industry forward. We make bartender tools that help professionals and home enthusiasts alike become the bartenders of tomorrow rather than imitate the legends of days gone by.

Design and Re-Imagine Bartender Tool | Überbartools™

We Innovate

We design and re-imagine bartender tools that can be as progressive as the talent that drives hospitality forward. Über brings ergonomic and stylish solutions to bar tool design to hero functionality and ease of use considerations.

We Create Bespoke Solutions | Überbartools™

We Create Bespoke Solutions

We strive to develop and design step-change solutions that turn heads and change minds. Our design team is ready to help you bring the essence of innovation to your hospitality brand and meet your challenge head-on.

We Manufacture | Überbartools™

We Manufacture

When you set out to bring innovation to an industry, long term relationships with quality manufacturers is essential to delivering the best possible result. We draw on years of experience and relationships to ensure the finished product is as excellent as the idea that brought it to life.

We're Part Of The Industry | Überbartools™

We're Part Of The Industry

We’re out there in the bars and restaurants supporting the people in hospitality. Our passion and inspiration comes from the innovation seen behind bars around the globe. We partner with the big boys and bar nerds to learn, so we sell and service the best we can.


We're Committed to Quality

Innovation without compromise on quality. The finish on our tools is second to none and with appropriate care they’ll outlast any of our competitors’ generic products. Should you own a bar, then experience how quality tools with inspired design is not a cost but a worthy investment in long life outcomes. With excellence as our banner, we can proudly stand by the tools we produce by offering support, service and care wherever Über customers are.

We Deliver | Überbartools™

We Deliver

We’re not just talking about the transport of our goods to just about any country. Über means we live up to the promises we make in an effort to exceed your expectations every time.