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The perfect pour in 3 steps with Uberbartools ProFlow speed pourer and ProJig jigger

The Perfect Pour in 3 steps

Learn how the Überbartools patented bar jiggers and the best speed pourers help bartenders create perfectly balanced cocktails, consistently every time.

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Speed Pourer Survey 2024 Insights with different kinds of bottle pourers from metal to plastic

Speed Pourer Survey 2024 Insights

Überbartools™ conducted a speed pourer survey in April 2024 to help identify the causes of liquor loss. Learn about the insights in this blog.

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Lady effortlessly pouring liquor using the ProFlow speed pourer into the ProBarJig jigger

SOWO: Where the war on waste meets the scourge of spillage

Learn how SOWO - Spills, Over-pouring, Wastage, Ouch - with poor-quality bar tools could add up to be more costly to your business.

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Überbartools™ have always been my first choice of quality bartools.

Überbartools™ is revolution in bar equipment with great quality stainless steel and fabulous design. Pretty handy and very useful for busy cocktail bars.

After years of working to improve the quality and integrity of mixed drinks behind my bar, it's empowering to be joined by a manufacturer who looks at bar tools the way I think about cocktails. For me, Michael Silvers collection of "Überbartools™” represents the most earnest attempt to overhaul the machinery used to mix drinks.

Discovering Überbartools™ and introducing them to my bar was the best change I have ever made. The difference was noticed in the very first stock take done after the changeover. We used to have around a 10-12% loss in bulk spirits on main lines and this was eliminated instantly. I would insist to any bar owner or manager that you need to have these products in your bar. If you are in the business of bars and you don’t have Überbartools™ then you are not in business!”

Having the right equipment inspires confidence in your work. Confidence inspires pride. Pride instills standards, and high standards raise reputations. Überbartools™ represent progress in our industry and a new benchmark in design and quality. I think every bartender should experience the difference allowing us all to take a step in the right direction.

I have been introduced to Überbartools™ and I'm finding they are slowly replacing my old standbys. Überbartools™ are made from high quality, heavy gauge stainless steel and are nearly indestructible. Their elegant design features add beauty to the drink presentation while not interfering with easy, smooth functionality.

I learned about your products from the bartender at the Hotel Monte Leone in New Orleans during Tales of the Cocktail. After going through around 10 different sized and designed jiggers for our bars, the compartmentalized jigger (ProJig™) is what really impressed me. I really liked the design on the strainer (StrainRay™) he was using too…elegant and refined…it gave him a heightened legitimacy amongst the numerous bar professionals. Great products.

With the right tools, regardless of the size of the venue, skill level of the bar team, there is a place for Überbartools™ in every venue. The independent results are conclusive.

I think that C-Press is the best lime squeezer on the market for sure and I like the way it looks because it brings it back to old school a little bit but still with a very nice, fresh look.

I like the bottle opener since it has rubber on the inside where you place your finger which is more comfortable for your finger/grip.

We were absolutely thrilled with the masterclasses (Überbartools™ and Monin presented) and have had such positive feedback; great job to you guys (Überbartools™ and Monin).

Too often, tools are made by technicians for function or by designers for form; neither, thus, achieve an “iPod”- like seamless blend of beauty and utility. Überbartools™ are uncommonly beautiful and unusually useful: you make better drinks with them, they cruise through hard service without a scratch, and never fail to provoke “wow!” reactions.”

Thank you for all your help during this process. I received my order and I’m very pleased with how they came out.

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Pouya Koshtarash Skycity Casino Darwin
Jim Meehan PDT New York
Dallas Edge Options Tavern - Coles Liquor Group
Sam Javeons Alconomics Asia
Dale De Groff King Cocktail
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Johannes Kinch European Bartender School
Brand Ambassador Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
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