February 27, 2018

Getting jigger with it: The importance of a good jigger

Getting jigger with it: The importance of a good jigger

Have you ever had a scrumptious meal at a restaurant and returned a month later with the friends you’ve been raving to, only to be disappointed?

Perhaps there’s a different chef on? Or maybe the same chef was more rushed and less consistent in his cooking?

No chef or restaurant manager wants their customer to experience that inconsistency of service, and it’s the same behind the bar too.

Tools key for consistency

In the same way chefs rely on the best knives for consistent slices and the best pans for consistent cooking, so too must bartenders rely on the tools of their trade for consistency in the drinks they serve.

Jiggers are designed to help bartenders measure accurately and therefore get them closer to consistency. But did you know that the standard round jigger has a design flaw?

A simple matter of physics means that the round jigger creates a bubble of liquid on top (known as a meniscus). And that bubble means that for every pour, you’re basically overpouring. Read our blog "Jiggers: Wrong way round!" to learn more as we explore some math and science around the meniscus.

Unfortunately, most jiggers are round. Except for one… or, four to be exact. 

What is the trilobal jigger?

The Überbartools™ range of jiggers all have a completely unique trilobal design, created specifically to remove the bubble formation on top of the jigger and therefore eliminate the over-pour that all other jiggers are responsible for.

No over-pour means no excess measure in your drink, which means (you guessed it!) a consistent drink.

The BarJigX™ProJig™ProBarJig™ and the ProMegJig™ not only look striking and professional, but they all feature the revolutionary trilobal design that is unique to Uberbartools. They are the only jiggers on the market that give bartenders the piece of mind that they are getting the accuracy required to deliver a great taste experience for their customer – in time, everytime.

Save time, alcohol and money

It’s not just about speed and consistency when it comes to accuracy – it’s also about waste. We already know that liquor loss causes huge headaches for bar managers. As the guys at Clique Hospitality say, consistency and efficiency go together:

“When running a restaurant or club, it’s important to streamline your systems and to create efficiency. Not only does this increase profits, but it also reduces waste. And by 'waste' we don’t just mean food, but also resources and time as well.”

The trilobal jigger is the key to accuracy and consistency, and consistency is the key to great customer service. So, don’t you think it’s time you got jigger with it

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