June 07, 2018

Essential Elements for the Home Bar

Essential elements for the home bar

Picture this, you’re in a fabulous new restaurant eagerly awaiting your twice-cooked lamb – it arrives and you immediately take your phone out and start snapping away. Your dinner’s going cold, and… dammit, you just realised you don’t have enough service post to Instagram. Noooo!

First world problems, eh?

Yep, everyone and his cat is a ‘foodie’ these days. And when you combine foodie tendencies with the Instagram generation, then you have to have the cutting edge in your kitchen – from the tools you use to the meals you serve.

Cocktail culture is equally ubiquitous these days – welcome to the stage ‘Drinkstagrammers' changing the face of cocktail culture one social post at a time.

As one Supercall article puts it; “All the world’s a stage, as is every bar top. Instagram has turned a bartender’s every move into a shareable performance.”

But would you know where to start with a home bar? While foodies might already have at least the basics in their kitchen, those that are embarking on their cocktail journey might be a little unsure what, of all the bar tools, they should focus on to kick start their home bar.

Well, we’re here to help with our guide to home bar essentials:

The Pourer

Yes it’s basic and yes it might sound boring but it’s the difference between slopping booze all over your nice Cesarstone and into the jigger instead. The Uber ProFlow pourer is leak proof and will reduce over-pour.





Uberbartools ProFlow pourer and ProMegJig jigger for accurate cocktails

The Jigger

We know that it looks really cool in the movies when they free pour but trust us when we say accurate measuring is key to a great cocktail. Try our ProMegJig to get that perfect measure.

J Shaker

Probably the most commonly found tool in the home bar, because not only is it difficult to shake a drink without one, but it also adds a bit of theatre to your cocktail making. We recommend our M Shaker in a variety of colours to suit your style.

Uberbartool Urai Rocks mixing glass and J Shaker for home bar cocktails

Mixing Glass

Many cocktails just need to be stirred, rather than shaken. To do that easily and efficiently (especially if you’re making a round of drinks) you should definitely add a mixing glass to your home bar. Try our Urai Glass, made from heavy tempered glass and with a textured grip

A Bar Spoon

To go with your mixing glass you absolutely need a bar spoon. Mastering the stirring technique will ensure you don’t over aerate or dilute your drink. Uber bar spoons have a twisted barrel for super grip - check out the ProTrident for garnishing too.

Uberbartools ProTrident bar spoon and IcePick ice tools for home cocktail bar

An Ice Pick

For wow factor freeze yourself some mega ice blocks and then carve up some special shapes to adorn your drinks. It’s the ONLY way to serve ice these days and you’re going to need a decent ice pick for the job. Luckily our LuxPik is just the thing!

Julep strainer

When you pour your excellently made cocktail onto your beautifully sculpted ice, you’re going to need a brilliant strainer. Look no further than our lovely Juliep strainer which is multipurpose – a scoop, a strainer and a double strainer where required!

Uberbartools Juliep Julep strainer for home cocktail bar

A word on Liquor

Our resident cocktail guru, Ben Davidson, advises: "It's best to buy a premium expression within each category as this will make you drinks taste better. Buy the best example of what the budget can afford."

Essential – Vodka, Gin, Light rum, Tequila, Bourbon, Blended Scotch Whisky

Nice To Have – Irish whiskey, Rye whiskey, Cognac, Dark Rum, Coffee liqueur, Campari, Sweet vermouth, Dry vermouth, Cointreau

Adventurous – Absinthe, Ricard, Maraschino, Lillet, crème de cacao, aromatic bitters.

Now you’re all set with your home bar. Bring on the guests and cocktails!