BarFlow™ 48 Pack with 48 Snap-On Protectors™ & Bonus 1 ProBarJig™

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Title: BarFlow™ 48 Pack with 48 Snap-On Protector & (Bonus 1x ProBarJig™)
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Liquor pour spouts and jiggers are the essential pair in every mixologist's kit. The BarFlow™ 48 pack with 48 Snap-On Protectors™ and 1 ProBarJig™ ensure accurate measurements and consistent results in every cocktail.

BarFlow is the sleek speed pourer that reduces over-pouring and waste through greater volume and flow control. It comes with a Snap-on Protector to avoid evaporation, and dust & insect contamination.

ProBarJig is a dual-volume jigger for an accurate and consistent measure of liquors.

These are ideal for measured cocktail making and are used worldwide by professional bartenders for efficient bartending.

BarFlow Features

  • 3-second-count pour speed with Full Stop™ finger flow control
  • Best Bottle Fit™ corkdesigned to fit most standard bottle sizes similar to Southern Comfort™ 750 mL, Grand Marnier™ 350 mL & Johnnie Walker Black™ 700 mL
  • Refreshable cork fins
  • Replaceable breather tube

ProBarJig Features

  • Dual 15 / 30 mL measure
  • NMI-approved
  • Constructed from Polycarbonate
  • World’s first Flat Pour™ jigger
  • Trilobal shape reduces or eliminates surface lens (meniscus)
  • Angled jigger head provides clean and directed pour streams
Dimension (LxH): 120 x 33mm (4.7 x 1.3 in)
Weight: 1340 gm (2.95 lbs)
Material: Food grade ABS/TPE
Colours: Black
Item Number: 46/BFSM-B48-WORLD, 46/BFSM-B48-US, 46/BFSM-B48-CAN

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