Über Terms / Glossary

We're pretty fond of using some technical terms or we've created some zany new words or expressions. These unreal words are highlighted in orange you can tell the difference. 

There are some real doozies there!

Air Job An individual who with seething conviction expresses love, devotion and a promise of some form of commitment, action, or reciprocity, however when the pure intention is transmitted from heart into action the hot air turns to dry steam which never turn into rain! 
3 Second Count The 3 seconds required to pour/serve a shot of either 30 mL or 1 Oz.
4 Second Count The 4 seconds required to pour/serve a shot of either 30 mL or 1 Oz. 
"BarShido™" Defined as Japanese inspired martial philosophy into elite bartending technique and methodology.
"Best Bottle Fit™" The ability for a cork to fit tightly into a bottle neck to avoid alcohol leakage during a pouring process.
"Ceiling Elbow" The direction an elbow points in when using any generic muddling device, the consequence of trying to obtain maximum purchase when muddling fruit etc. A potential source of long term injury.
"Cheftator" An old school chef  expecting  the guest to bend to them, rather than offer the guest what they need or want
"Claw Of Averages" Is the story of misunderstanding business metrics to create false readings!
"Comsistency" Compliance + Consistency (adj.) The process of protecting business outcomes using measuring tools and operational techniques such as training in tandem.
"Devil's Take" The process of alcohol transfer loss from bottle to serving glass at the Point of Pour
"Dishospitality" The opposite in every way to the Ethos of hospitality.
"Esprit de Coeur" A love affair of service and care emanating from an individual’s innermost desire is to help and serve others; transforming hospitality experiences into moments turned into occasion, irrespective of whether they are or not!
"Full Stop™ Flow Control" The ability to cover an air intake on a speed pourer to stop the pouring process without "right siding" a bottle to stop the flow or pour sequence.
"Flat Pour" The art of filling up a jigger, measure or shot glass to the brim without an apparent meniscus or lens forming at the top.
"Fruit Reflux™" Results from splash-back in the muddling process caused by temporary vacuum forming at the bottom of a container being used for muddling.
"Nohibition®" Is defined as the polar opposite to the dark ages of Prohibition. The new beginning, or great awakening commenced in the early 21st century… with a handful of bartenders asking why not... going back to study history to re-imagine a future with no boundaries, endless possibilities and the opportunity to bring drinking enlightenment to the masses.
Jigger Also known as a measure. A device to dispense a mandated serving of alcohol.
"Kiss Stick" Operating a large wooden muddler whereby a bartender’s head is close enough to the “stick”, to kiss it!
"Left Lonely in a Bottle" A term to describe generic 2-piece pourers whereby when a pourer is pulled out from the bottle a part of the pourer remains - namely the cork
Meniscus The bubble or lens that naturally forms at the top of a round object such as a shot glass or a jigger. This usually adds 3-5 mL (0.1-0.16 Oz) to a standard 30 mL/1 Oz shot of alcohol.
MixTake Alcohol/liquid stock discrepancies, waste and over-pouring (DWO) where management TAKES the blame and lays it squarely on a bartenders shoulders!
Mixologist A certified/qualified bartender of professional standing
Mise En Plus The professional set-up of an efficiently designed bar. Literally meaning “everything in its place”.
Modularity The ability to easily plugin or replace parts in or on a product to extend lifetime use/value. ProFlow™, ProJig™, ProCrush™ & ProStik™ are examples of this.
"New Bar Order" The influence of Japanese bartending technique on presentation and cocktail execution.
Pourer/Speed Pour/Spout A generic descriptor for devices that are inserted into a bottle neck to facilitate liquid transference from a bottle to another vessel.
Pour Rate The timing referred to by bartenders when pouring/serving a standard serve of alcohol. usually based on either a 30 mL or 1 Oz standard volume measure.
"Point of Pour™" The point at which a liquid pouring sequence commences.
"Point of Serve™" The final resting place or end-flow of a pouring sequence.
"ProGrip™" Internationally patented handle design allowing the thumb or forefinger to be inserted through the opening on the handle. The design reportedly reduces pressure and arising long term injury on the wrist, elbow and shoulder on certain repetitive movements implied by the tools design.
"Reverseform" The process of unattended performance bugs transforming into apple core worms.
"Space Flipping" A purpose built space designed for dual concept occupancy co-existing in the same area, yet operating at completely different times.
"Spirits Chevalier" Elevating the Mixologist to a higher standing equivalent or surpassing that associated with the term, Sommelier.
"Tool-ology" The mythology, mastery and mimicry of tool design based on unchanged historical cues.
"Ü(reka)" An Über moment, an epiphany or singularity of thought, empowering a new idea which forms the basis for a new innovation.
"Worm of Mouth" Negative guest experience amplified across traditional and social platforms to undo reputation and success.