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Endoblade™ is the sleek, elegant and trusted bar can and bottle opener. This portable tool easily fits in your pocket and drawer, or hangs on a hook, always handy for a beverage-opening action.

It is ideal for cocktail bars and is used worldwide by professional bartenders for efficient bartending.


  • Opens bottle effortlessly
  • Revolutionary curved design for ease of use
  • Tapered blade front to ease the opening of ring-pull cans
  • Spinner ring finger protector
  • Perfectly balanced

For North American customers, the Endoblade is available on Amazon US:
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Dimension (LxH): 185 x 48 mm (7.2 x 1.9 in)
Weight: 78 gm (0.17 lbs) (weight of the packaging not included)
Material: Stainless steel
Colours: Stainless steel (polished)
Item Number: 46/ENDOBLADE

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nicole Gayles


Israel Jimenez
Good design

Great bottle opener!!!!!

Erika Bracy
Best tool in the biz

As a bartender for over 15 years, when I got the Endoblade over 7 years ago, I had no idea how much it would change my game! The curve is perfect as it perfectly hugs my bum, although it seems they intended it to go the other way, having it NEVER snag on anything or get pulled out of my pocket unintentionally is awesome! The weight and the design makes it so you don’t even have to flick your wrist to pop a beer cap. It takes off Speed pourers easily.

I just bought 3 more to gift my best bartending friends! It’s also engravable! Love this piece. It has made my job a million times easier and faster.

Erika Bracy
This is the best tool in the business!

I’ve been a bartender for 15 years. Got this bottle opener in the very first kit I bought maybe 7 years ago? It was by far the best thing in that kit! Recently, it dropped through a crack and down an elevator shaft. I had to do a deep google search to find it again (it was patent pending when I first bought it), and ordered 3- one for me, one for my hubby who is a bartender, and one for my best friend who is also a bartender! It’s perfectly curved, weighted, and brilliant. The best thing is it’s curved so that it doesn’t get caught on anything because of that brilliant curve!

Erika Bracy
Utterly Unmatched: Best design Ever!!

I bought a bar kit over 7 years ago because I was committing to my career as a professional bartender and wanted to have my own tools. The Über Endoblade was the absolute best thing I got in that kit. I have never seen another one like it and there is not a better one on the market. It’s smooth, easily handled, so quick and the curve means it NEVER gets caught on anything when I’m moving around the tight spaces of a bar.

I was devastated two days ago when I was getting into an elevator and I went to pull my phone out of my pocket and it slipped out with it, fell to the floor and slipped through the crack between the elevator and the floor. It’s been the best purchase I’ve made for my craft, which is why I’m elated the company still sells them AND I’ll spend $40 including shipping to get a new one.

If you know a bartender, are a bartender, would like to get a gift for a bartender- look no further!! I have never seen anyone else with it, and every bartender I show it to is jealous.

I CAN’T WAIT to get my replacement. I hope they haven’t made any changes to it. It’s perfect.