May 05, 2018

Yuzu and Purple Basil Smash Cocktail Recipe

Yuzu and Purple Basil Smash Cocktail Recipe
The classic smash cocktail uses herbs, lemon and a base liqueur, shaken together to release the delicious, aromatic flavours. Ben Davidson's version takes its base from Archie Rose Dry Gin, lengthened with lemoncello, with Yuzu and lemon to create a refreshing cocktail.


  • 45ml Archie Rose Dry Gin
  • 30ml Monin Yuzu Puree
  • 15ml Ambra Lemoncello
  • 10ml freshly squeezed lemon juice


Use your ProMegJig to measure all ingredients into a Boston Glass. Bruise the purple basil between your palms and add to the glass with ice. Shake with a Boston tin. Add a large hard ice cube to your Uibi rocks glass and double strain the drink over using a BarRay and a Snubnose strainer.


Use tweezers to garnish with a Shiso leaf.

To see exactly how to make this recipe, you can watch our Mixology Masterclass on YouTube.