January 09, 2017


Take a stroll around any mall or shopping complex and you'll find products with one colour that has occupied a spot next to timeless and classic colours such as Gold, Black and Silver - Rose Gold. The Rose Gold phenomenon started 3 years ago and it's craze seems to mimic the significant uplift in heritage and craft hues. 

Today, Rose Gold is prevalent across many products in a myriad of industries and it's shade can be found in everything from bar tools to phones, ipads, electronics, watches and housewares. Restaurants, hotels, manufacturers and retailers have succumbed to the lure of Rose Gold, with the public seemingly not getting enough of the finish!

But what’s driving the Rose Gold fad?

1.    Rose Gold is a timeless colour, enjoying rises and falls in popularity as fashion dictates.
2.    It’s not as "bling" as gold.
3.    It exists within a narrow band that sits between fashion and luxury.
4.    Rose Gold has a warm and re-assuring feel that implies quality and familiarity.
5.    It has unisex appeal.

In 2015, Uberbartools™ introduced Rose Gold finishes across several ranges in response to customer demands.

The resulting feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and to date since introduction, across several industry types and markets, our Rose Gold range continues to experience growth and significant demand.