July 09, 2015

What's not measured is not valued

What's not measured is not valued

The old adage what's not measured is not valued! 

This blog is not about comparing the merits of style, art, and experience of free pouring bartenders; but rather the acknowledgement that without measurement, there's no accountability. Without accountability, profitability and consistency will surely suffer.

Über recommends always measuring or portion controlling spirits, wine, beer and sparkling wines! See our selection of accurate and cost effective pouring and measuring tools.

One can tell a lot about a business by the activities and actions that are valued; as value determines where focus goes.

Business budgets and projections are judgments based on some form of calculation... lowering the gap between goal and reality requires measurement with arising actions.

There isn't a sports star, business person, doctor, scientist, plumber, architect, politician, exam, race or just about any form of performance activity that's not measured... the exception is what happens behind a bar.

Profit is the ultimate indicator of success in business (NGO's accepted)... The insurance policy one takes to protect profits comes down to the investment one makes in training with the commensurate tools to pour and measure alcohol, accurately and consistently. Über has a range of pouring and measuring tools to assist bars increase profitability, consistency and reduce over-pouring and waste.

The prize for making profit is the chance to come back tomorrow to do it again. The penalty on the other hand: the doors shut!

If you want to quickly increase profits, improve drink quality and consistency whilst reducing unnecessary alcohol wastage, our tailored pouring solutions will solve your problems full stop.