April 24, 2017


Aren't we guilty of thinking we’re a little better than we actually are?

Meaning we're so used to seeing things our way that we forget about the customer and their journey whether within the walls or on a screen.

Most Millennials are gamers, so they’re spending lots of time in VR (Virtual Reality) worlds. 

Living in this environment changes many things.

Importantly to get Millennials emotionally involved requires, a story that involves, journey, action, intrigue and adventure.

As a business owner are you creating this world within yours?

Ok, so let’s position ourselves within this more interactive, immersive world, in other words walk in our customers shoes, can you feel what you’d like them to feel when they’re inside your world?

Will the experience be tactile, experiential, immersive or self directed...can we add colour, mood and music.

Is there something that the user/customer can get involved with a game, or possibly a feedback loop etc?

Lastly is there anything that can be improved? If so, how?

Serving and selling is the ultimate cause and effect relationship. Walking in your customers shoes is that journey every business must take, to do so means you’ve increased the chances of staying relevant, maybe even loved.