The Wine Whinge By The Glass

November 15, 2019

The Wine Whinge By The Glass

Ever caught yourself saying this: “Why does my wine inventory (stock) levels vary so much from my POS recorded sales?”

For bars and pubs pouring wine by the glass, inventory discrepancies is pretty much accepted as a wine whinge, par for the course.

Luckily it doesn’t have to be like this.

Before we get to the How, we first need to explore the why:

The Wine Whinge by the Glass | Überbartools™

Differences in the type, volume size and style of wine stems, create what appears to be  volume  level differences, giving the appearance that a guest may have been under served. Usually a bartender will add a little more wine into a glass to keep the guest happy, rather than argue the point.

Bars & Pubs Pouring Wine by the Glass | Überbartools™


Whilst no doubt your staff are trained with the answer, isn’t the larger issue here, a possible problem of guest trust.


Anytime a guest questions their serve, it’s possibly not the best place to find oneself in.

Little More Wine into a Glass | Überbartools™

To reduce your wine wastage and remove potential guest negativity we’d recommend to:

Measure Your Individual Wine Serves

As we  measure spirits (or at least should), why wouldn’t one measure wine too.

Simple and cost effective to implement, ZEO offers a variety of wine measures at 150/250mL available from local and national hospitality suppliers, to help overcome this problem.

Uberbartools Wine Step Jigger | Überbartools™

Available through local and national hospitality suppliers.

If by chance your standard volume wine serves are different to the ones currently offered, e-mail us at

Whilst wine wastage is not as larger a cost to a bar as the comparable cost of liquor waste, it nevertheless represents an easy win to reduce unnecessary costs, for very little outlay.

Stop Wine Whinge By The Glass!

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