April 09, 2024

The Gin and Tonic: History and Recipes

The Gin and Tonic: History and Recipes

The Gin & Tonic is an iconic cocktail that has been a favourite for generations.

A bit of history of Gin and Tonic

"Gin and tonic was invented by the officers of the Presidency Armies. They are the Armed Forces of the East India Company operating in the Indian subcontinent. Malaria was a frequent problem for Europeans living in India and other tropical regions during this time."

"In the 1700s, Scottish physician George Cleghorn researched the use of quinine in the prevention of malaria. Quinine was consumed along with tonic water but had a bitter taste", according to National Today.

That's when British soldiers accidentally created the famous Gin and Tonic by mixing sugar, lime, water, and gin with quinine. At the time it was to make their drink palatable. They had no idea it would become so popular. Or did they?

Today quinine is no longer needed as a malaria cure, but is the main ingredient in tonic water, which is better known for the flavour twist in a Gin and Tonic cocktail. And there are few drinks as easy to make or as refreshing as a simple G&T.

Gin and Tonic Cocktail Recipes

It is the perfect drink—whether it’s a night cap or celebratory drink for a birthday or anniversary, a G&T always goes down a treat. We've collaborated with flavour producers and experts, MONIN, to bring you creative recipes to try at the bar or at home. Here, our bartender mixes the ingredients with tools from our collection at Überbartools™.

Recipe 1: British Gin and Tonic

Watch and learn how to make the British Gin and Tonic in one minute.

British Gin and Tonic


  • 10mL MONIN Cucumber Syrup
  • 30mL Chase GB London Dry Gin
  • TOP Fentiman’s Indian Tonic
  • Fresh Ginger

Bar tools used

Recipe 2: Butterfly Pea Gin and Tonic

Without a doubt, your G&T is only as good as the gin and the tonic you put in it. Here, the bartender does his magic, combining the perfect ingredients to create Insta Magic with this simple cocktail recipe! It's a great choice for dinner, happy hour, or anytime you crave an invigorating beverage topped off with a gorgeous garnish.

Watch and learn how to make the Butterfly Pea Gin and Tonic in one minute.

Butterfly Pea Gin and Tonic


  • 10mL MONIN Butterfly Pea Flower Syrup
  • 30mL West Winds Sabre Gin
  • Fentiman’s Indian Tonic
  • Freshly plucked flower

Bar tools used

When savouring your G&T, take the time to appreciate the harmonious blend of gin's herbal notes with the crispness of tonic water. As mixologists and cocktail lovers push the boundaries for new recipes and combinations, you can also try and explore in your simple way. Get creative with garnishes!

The Gin To My Tonic says, "The idea behind your garnish is that it should either accentuate a botanical within the gin makeup or completely contrast transmogrifying the flavour."

We are quite familiar with fruits, indulgent honeycombs and rich chocolates for garnishes. But enjoying your G&T with a quality cigar, like the Nub Cigars, can add a new level of flavour that contrasts beautifully with the drink. Take small sips of your G&T and savour the cigar's smoke in between to truly enjoy them.

So explore different combinations of gins, tonics, garnishes and pairings, and discover your own perfect version of this refreshing cocktail. Explore more of our cocktail recipes!