March 12, 2015

The Client Sutra - 6 Customer Facing Positions

The Client Sutra - 6 Customer Facing Positions

Nothing is more rewarding than making and keeping your customers happy!

At Überbartools™, innovative design which delights, entertains, improves and saves are things which gets us out of bed in the mornings.

Satisfaction, Quality and Value!At the end of the day, isn't it about providing great service, satisfaction, quality and value?

The secret to mastering customer satisfaction doesn't come from studying “customer service manuals”... it’s born from on-the-spot experience!

Know anyone who’s in business wishing not to be busy, or wants to be a failure? Then isn't the exercise of doing better start from asking WTF questions... Where's The customer Focus.


To ask the right questions check out Über’s Client Sutra:

  1. Customers should be heard once!
    A customer must never repeat their order, problem, frustration... do it right, do it once!

  2. Quality must be tested before a customer eats, drinks or experiences anything.
    Winging it, is for dipping sauce... customer product offerings or service must be thoroughly battle and stress tested first!

  3. A customer must never ask where their drink, meal or order is.
    Production, kitchen, customer service feedback systems are in place to ensure that this does not happen! If it is, then it’s time to refine your process, retrain, re-imagine customer-facing strategies.

  4. Customer’s time, convenience and satisfaction must be valued.
    The customer is the hero of your story, purpose and action... Be attentive, proactive and focused on 100% outcomes!

  5. Customers require respect, including the rude ones.
    Patience is a virtue, teach your team customer warming techniques. When customers moan… own It!

  6. Never tell customers: how busy, full or short staffed you are.
    Teach your staff the principals of the Client Sutra then watch your business grow!