November 28, 2016

The Agreeable vs The Angry Cheftator

We’ve all experienced issues with bully boy chefs (AKA Cheftators) who dictate how and what their guests will eat and act, irrespective of the guests needs.

How refreshing to be welcomed  with a new refrain, when recently booking at a high end Italian restaurant.

My partner  a vegetarian, gluten free, pesticide free, with a few other exhausting not to be repeated dietary needs, needs to be very sure about where we eat to ensure her needs are catered for.. Me, on the other hand, l’m a vicarious vegetarian - l eat things that eat vegetables.

Expecting our reservation to be cancelled immediately here was the reply from the telephone host:

“No problems sir, our Chef loves a challenge, we do try to accommodate most people’s needs.”

Wow, l thought, the time of the Cheftator is now over, particularly when more and more people for reasons of choice or otherwise have special dietary needs. A failure today of a Chef or business for that matter to recognise the needs of their customers is itself an act of “Dishospitality."

Whether a Chef, a snickerty Bartender or Business owner, he or she who does not bend from the knee to their guests or customers, will quickly be wrong way rounded and kicked you know where!

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