October 17, 2016

While on a recent overseas trip it got us to thinking... a seasoned traveller is often provided with some of the most interesting and varied snap shots into emerging trends percolating the hospitality world.
One commonly re-occurring theme restaurants and bars are adopting is a “deconstructed” or simplified menu.
Subscribing to the “less is more” school turns confusion into an easy experience by simplifying that decision process. When you think about it, the menu kicks off the entire experience… and first impressions count!
Of course, if a guest likes pages of choices pick a menu that has simplicity whilst actually presenting a larger array of options. Less is more should be smart.

After all, “less is more” suits the world we live in. Deconstructed food and drink menu design literally means we trust someone else to make a better choice for us. In a world where we constantly cram more into our busy lives – more hours at work, more hours on the move, more travel, more to buy, more to see, more to do - this is a moment of simplicity and ease for the customer.
Still not sure? How about tacking a black board of seasonal specials onto your menu options?
And if that doesn’t convince you, think of it this way: paired down selections create faster order turnaround times, which means fewer server created mistakes and less wastage…

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