April 19, 2018

Move Over Sunshine! Our Winter Cocktails are Here to Keep you Cosy

Uberbartools winter warmer cocktail

In the southern hemisphere autumn is with us. So what better way to welcome those evenings drawing in than grabbing a rug and sitting on the deck with a comforting cocktail?

It's a common misconception that summer time is cocktail hour, and whilst we love the thought of sipping a rum punch on a white beach, the idea of cosying up with a winter warmer is equally as satisfying.

And not only are they seasonally as satisfying, traditionally many cocktails have winter roots going back hundreds of years. We can thank the Romans for warming wine across Europe, 17th Century British sailors for hot buttered rum, hot toddies, eggnogs and flips. Before the advent of ice machines in the 1860’s most alcoholic drinks were enjoyed either warm or hot.

Many of the more traditional cocktails are based on a simple, classic warming liquor such as cognac, brandy, bourbon, whiskey or rum. And the structure and flavour of these spirits means you don’t need to add much to them – they’re simple winter warmers that you can embellish with fun stuff. We are particularly fond of our autumnal twist on the old fashioned.

So, whether you're looking for year-round entertaining ideas, or a hot toddy to end a hard week, we have some chilly weather inspiration that will warm the very cockles of your heart.

Keep it Fruity with Fall Flavours

Uberbartools winter cocktail Pear and Cinnamon Sour

Picture this: you’re in the mood for those classic fall flavours like warm apple pie, red wine poached pears or cinnamon and spices. You could keep it classic with a warm Apple Cider Mimosa, or a mulled wine, but what says autumn better than the flavours of maple syrup and orchard fruits? Check out our Pear and Cinnamon Sour recipe for something fruity, yet warming.

A Cooler Hot Chocolate

Uberbartools Choc Mint Alexander winter warmer cocktail recips

Cold weather cocktails mean you can easily experiment with some of the season’s great scents and flavours – spices such as cloves, star anise, cinnamon and vanilla will give you excellent garnish whilst also capturing that cosy fireside element. But what about other sensual flavours? Think peppermint and chocolate fondue, and you've got our Choc Mint Alexander recipe.

Keeping the Chills Away

Uberbartools Penicillin winter warmer cocktail recipe

Also worth adding to the mix are your citrus ingredients. Orange in particular is very season appropriate, and it isn’t quite as bitter as lemon. But both can lend themselves well to a wintery mix. If you're feeling the affects of the colder weather, the lemon and honey base for this Penicillin cocktail recipe is just the pick-me-up you need.

Something Spicier

Uberbartools Antipodes Flip winter warmer cocktail

But if tropical flavours are still you're thing, don't despair! You don't need to ditch the fruity fun, just spice it up a little. This antipodean twist on a classic flip cocktail means you can still have mango in May. Watch the recipe here.

And if you really want to add some glitz to your gathering or just brighten up a dreary winter's day, why not do it with some bar tool bling? Our beautiful copper and gold collections can really add some warmth to your bar this winter.

Uberbartools copper bar tools shaker strainer stirrer jigger
So when you’re feeling the chill and want to cosy up in the coming months, remember there’s nothing better to warm the atmosphere than some fabulous seasonal cocktails.

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