February 06, 2015

MixTake - Bartender Scapegoat

Mixtake - Bartender Scapegoat | Überbartools™

On the internet, little is written on the topic of bartender scapegoating, this process we call a MixTake!

MixTakes represent alcohol discrepancies, waste and over-pouring (DWO) with Management only blaming bartenders!

Why the Mixtake? 
Confusion Exists Between the Concept of Mixing a DrinkConfusion exists between the concept of mixing a drink and DWO; both involve liquid transference; with one attached to blame!


MixTakes are generally caused by Management misunderstanding operational figures creating 2 victims; the bartender and team morale! 

Many bar and beverage managers have never received professional training on the math, science and dynamics of running a bar, thereby making it easy to draw a straight line from the problem to a bartender!

On the other hand, professionals coming out of culinary institutions tend to have the benefit of being taught scientific process to problem solve.

Scapegoated bartenders tends to work in bars where there‘s little or no investment in proper pouring tools, allowing sloppiness to set in, with potential protective steps missed or overlooked.

In our view, Management must provide the tools and training for bartenders to do the job expected, anything less, well, that’s a MixTake!

Scapegoating bartenders without equally apportioning responsibility to management is a massive MixTake, costing business opportunity and destroying careers!