October 17, 2016

Liqour Loss, Bar Waste & Sustainability

We’ve recently written on the ease of bars to lose money wasting liquor.

Many operators don’t always see that wastage can be more than just wasting liquor, it covers many other hidden costs that may lie undiscovered in areas such as consumables to over-using inputs in food or cocktails.

To see whether your business has a problem it becomes important to evaluate all your waste.

Ideally, an attitude that focuses on savings, consistency and regeneration tends to produce more profitable businesses.

Here’s some things to think about:

  1. How much waste do you produce?
  2. Can your waste be divided into
    • Organic?
    • Recyclable?
    • Disposable?
  3. Why is waste being produced?
  4. What steps can be used to reduce or eliminate waste via making changes to the menu, use of products or search for alternatives? i.e. making your own soda
  5. What can be re-used?
  6. Bulk up wine – serve in reused bottles.
  7. Do you use cheap consumables that encourage over consumption, because you’re trying to save a buck upfront.
  8. Use dehydrated fruit for garnish rather than fresh.
Once focus goes into those areas that rarely gets any light it’s surprising how attention to details becomes, positively influencing every aspect business including the delivery of better quality products, services & guest experiences.

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