April 01, 2015

Likes vs Shares, Vanity vs Certainty

Likes vs Shares... Vanity vs Certainty | Überbartools™

Every bar and restaurant business must be on Facebook.

Isn't it frustrating when in conversation with a friend or business colleague, when these people trumpet how many Facebook fans they have... if you’re like me... you may feel somewhat deflated!

The good news next time you meet an internet boaster... that “fans” are in some ways just vanity numbers as uncommitted fans can be easily purchased… meaning these “fans” will not engage with your brand or business in any meaningful way!

Social sharing is about sharing posts which provides cache, authenticity and amplification to your story!

Facebook success should be measured on certainty… “likes” are so “meh”… broadly summed: the difference between “likes” and “shares” is the difference between a rather uncommitted pat on the back versus a huge bear hug, backed by love!
Who wants hugs?

Who wants Hugs |  Überbartools™