June 27, 2017


Ever noticed that the eco bar – sustainable and zero waste bartending - is increasing in popularity? The Green Restaurant Association claims a 20% increase in membership since 2010 with industry leaders Technomic suggesting 52% of consumers prefer choosing sustainable bars and restaurants over others.  

We all know going green requires effort… how easy is it to then do yourself?

First start with all waste materials. The process may begin by checking out bin waste at the end of a shift to see what’s been used to work out what could have been saved.

The backbone to any bar is self-sufficiency - the more products that can be made/created, the better. If this is too time-consuming then there’s other ways to reduce environmental footprint.

Liquor behemoth Bacardi is heavily promoting eliminating all plastic straws. Change plastic cutlery to bamboo cutlery. Changing to biodegradable, organic or recycled products/produce makes a significant difference. 

Many bars recycle their bottles and unused glass, Another option is removing the number of bottled beers served, replacing with tap beer. Same to be said about sparkling water.

Reduce glass wash cycles, re-visit the chemicals used, maximise each dish load cleaned, keep electricity usage to a minimum – turn lights off when not needed. Don’t over-pour liquor, use flat pour jiggers rather than round jiggers to reduce/eliminate the meniscus.

Finally, take your eco-do good sustainability and let the world know this through, marketing efforts. Lastly highlight on menus sustainable and/or green drinks, foods, products.