April 29, 2016

Hospitality - Finding Staff!

It seems the same re-occurring problem is equally faced by bars, restaurants and hotels, when the following refrain is heard:

“Hey, do you know anyone, who can……..? ”  

Ironically, all prospective employers “assume” they’ll be able to magically find the ideal candidate, trained, experienced and ready to go!
Stepping back a bit one soon realizes that to attract a trained whatever- someone else or else’s had to roll up their sleeves and invest in the person you want!
Doesn’t it then seem then to be a little unfair or unrealistic to expect a miracle?
How about this thought: when everyone wants to “take” someone else’s staff, who’s then left to select?

Let’s be honest, most people don’t start off in hospitality with long term dreams and aspirations for a career in that industry. Most are studying or doing something else with hospo work the plan B, short term.
OK so we’re all competing for the same staff hence choices are limited, sometimes you’ll win, mostly you won’t!
Now here’s the part most people hate hearing when looking for the right staff - train, train and train some more.
Yep, it means only one thing, invest in training.
In-house programs are generally proven to attract staff creating one hopes some well-developed, staff interested and vested in your business.

Is this process going to cost you time and money – it will!  Will it solve short term staff shortage problems? Probably not!. Will it pay off in the long term? Absolutely!  
Well-developed staff are part and parcel of a successful business. In an industry full of wannabes, it’s worth investing in those showing potential!