January 29, 2024

A Glass for Every Cocktail: Why it’s essential to sniff out the right glassware for your bar

Glass for Every Cocktail | Überbartools™

Fancy that cool refreshing beer in a hefty wooden tankard? No, perhaps not...

We've come a long way in serving a nice, refreshing beverage in the right vessel! And as our drinking habits have evolved, we’ve settled on a set of glassware that fits perfectly with each drink.

For example, there’s the martini glass - the length and shape of the martini glass perfectly fits a pick for your olive, and that is no coincidence.

Meanwhile, wine glasses are designed specifically with a rim that comes inwards towards the rim to focus aromas to the nose.

According to a Forbes article, George Riedel of the world-renowned Riedel glassware, says; “his family company considers the glass a tool to balance flavor contributions in a wine, including fruitiness and acidity. This is based on three physical parameters of a glass – size, shape and opening.”

And so, each Riedel glass adheres to these 3 main parameters.

Size does matter when it comes to taste

But did you know that the tilt of your head will influence where and how quickly the drink hits your tongue? Drinking from a wide rimmed glass your head is lower than when you drink from a narrow-rimmed glass.

“The size [of the glass] controls how much air is in contact with the wine, the shape determines how the liquid flows to the opening, and the rim's diameter influences how fast the wine flows, and then, how it lands on the palate," says CNN Style writer Stephy Chung.

Riedel performance glassware

And while people primarily associate the aroma factor with wine, smell affects taste regardless of what you are consuming. So, the same science must be applied when drinking cocktails too.

Which is one reason glass design is as important for cocktail glasses as wine glasses. Using a rocks glass for a Martini or a martini glass for a Mint Julep would not only be strange, it could also change the cocktail flavour.

The better the glass, the better the experience

Cocktails need fit-for-purpose glassware because the appropriate glass enhances the experience. So investing in quality glassware also justifies that premium price tag that comes with a top-notch drinking experience.

What's more, if bartenders are using quality, durable and specifically-designed glassware, then their job becomes a lot easier.

Spiegelau glassware

Spiegelau have been making high-end glassware for centuries and they base their design on the premise of having “No spilled drinks when working quickly, no more incorrect filling volumes, and dimensions that are perfectly tailored to any standard frosters.”

Choosing the right glass for the job

Uberbartools glasses have similar attention to the essential aspects of accuracy, speed and durability, whilst also appealing to the need to wow, and create that high-end experience the customer expects.

Our Urai and Uibi rocks glasses are made in of beautiful Japanese-style, high-quality glass to keep drinks cold. They are sturdy, durable, and perfect for the Old-Fashioned or a Caipirinha.

Uberbartools Urai rocks glass

Liiton is a brand dedicated to aesthetic functionality and craftsmanship in producing Whiskey glasses, carafes, and wine decanters. Liiton's list of best whiskey glasses is crafted from X1 Crystalline, a durable and innovative material designed to chill your liquor in a mere 18 seconds without ice.

We may have started with glass but we're ending with metal. Enter the julep cup and the mule mug, two icons of mixology with features that go far beyond simple aesthetics. Designed to bring out the rustic charm and keep your drink cold, our julep cup and mule mug are all about the ritual in the serve.

Uberbartools julep cup and moscow mule mug

While these glasses and vessels are fantastic for their specific cocktails, remember to experiment! You might discover hidden pairings that make your own signature cocktail shine.

Explore our full range of cocktail accessories to pair your glassware for the perfect drinking experience.