December 07, 2015

Four reasons to flick your Wooden Muddler

Four reasons to flick your Wooden Muddler

The bar's evolved since Prohibition!

One of many improvements has been the introduction of Occupational Health and Safety(OHS) regulations to mitigate food/drink contamination.

Doesn’t it then seem a little odd that the continuing use of wooden muddlers in North American bars and restaurants continues whilst in many other parts the wood muddler has been thrown into the recycling bin?

For those who haven’t yet flicked their wooden stick, here's 4 reasons to rethink the issue:

  1. Wood is porous, allowing bacteria to build up within the wood creating potential transmission issues.
  2. Wood is likely to increase flavor retention (pass on flavors) between totally different drinks.
  3. Varnish, pesticides and other nasties live in and on the wood which can betransferred into drinks.
  4. Wood discolors easily making the muddler look very unappetizing.

Life’s already complicated so then who really needs all the extra hassles to then make it worse! In a nut shell...isn’t it really time to "flick the stick"?!

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