April 13, 2018

Five reasons the Bar Spoon is a basic necessity

Stirring cocktails with Uberbartools bar spoon

The time has come to address the elephant in the room (or… the spoon in the drink). Is a bar spoon just an unnecessary piece of metal in the bartender’s kit?

Simply put? No, absolutely not!

The bar spoon is not merely junk in the bartender’s trunk. It's a vital and versatile piece in a bartender's kit and here are five reasons why...

One: Many bar spoons are multi-functional

Bar spoons are not only used for stirred cocktails to combine ingredients that shouldn’t be shaken. They are also used to mix ingredients to an optimum temperature and dilution, because they don’t break down the ice too vigorously.

But, it's the end of the spoon where it gets really interesting. Weighted, flat-ended bar spoons, like the ProStirrer™, are great for lightly muddling herbs or reducing champagne bubbles, while the spoon itself can be used as a 5mL measure—the same as a conventional teaspoon.

ProStirrer bar spoon with weighted, flat end

Two: Add some flair to the mix

The multi-functionality doesn't end at muddling and measuring. Bar spoons can also be used for layering, garnishing and even cracking ice! 

For those who don't know, layering a drink involves pouring liquids of different densities into the glass one at a time, starting with the heaviest to create a layered effect. Bols Bar Academy explained how to layer with a bar spoon to add some showmanship:

"Pour the first ingredient into the glass. Rest a flat-ended barspoon just on the surface of the first ingredient. Pour the second ingredient down the stem of the barspoon, lifting the spoon up as the level rises in the glass so the flat end is always just on the surface of the liquid. And repeat for following layers."

To add more excitement to your drink, a teardrop-shaped end like our ProTeardrop can gently crack ice, whilst a fork-shaped end like our ProTrident is great for picking and garnishing.

ProTrident bar spoon with fork-shaped end for garnishing and picking with cocktail

Three: No need to get tense!

If used correctly, a bar spoon is the best way to stir a cocktail without tension or strain for the bartender. This is particularly true if the spoon is durable and ergonomically designed. See our blog The Art of Cocktail Stirring for the correct way to stir a cocktail—a skilled hand and the right bar tool will avoid cramping hands or a poorly mixed drink.

Stirring cocktail with Uberbartools bar spoon

Four: A clear conscience

There is a rumour that you can just use plastic straws to stir your cocktail. Well, you can but doesn't mean it's ideal. Not only is the bar spoon way more effective than a straw, it is also much more environment friendly.

Überbartools™ range of stirrers are made from hand-twisted stainless steel with a reinforced spoon to resist bending and breaking, making them more durable so you won't need to replace them as often as others. Less waste for both the bar and environment!

Five: The choices don't have to be overwhelming

While there are many styles, shapes and lengths of bar spoon available nowadays, they can be broken down into 3 main categories: Japanese, European, and American.

Überbartools cater to all three styles to suit different bartender requirements. To help you choose:

  1. American style is the classic and most common bar spoon. It has a twisted handle and often a flat disc or plastic cap at the end. It is best for general stirring, measuring small amounts, layering simple cocktails. Our Bar Spoon comes in Gold, Copper, Chrome or Platinum.
  2. European style is similar to the American spoon but with a sturdier build, and a hammer or disc on the end. It is more durable and the flat end can be used for muddling, churning and layering. Our stylish ProStirrer comes in Gold, Copper, Chrome or Platinum.
  3. Japanese style is highly regarded for its elegant design. These spoons are longer and thinner with a spiral running up the handle, often featuring a weighted teardrop at the end. It is ideal for advanced stirring techniques and layering complex cocktails. Our ProTeardrop gives added weight and ProTrident is best for garnishing, both are available in various colours and sizes.

Overall, a bar spoon is not just an ornament but a valuable tool for precise mixing, measuring, and even presentation. From classic bar spoons to stylish stirrers, creating cocktails have never been more fun and exciting.

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