February 21, 2016

Faux Craft Fast Bucks

Faux Craft Fast Bucks Whiskey | Überbartools™

Much has been written about spirit producers falsely claiming a craft pedigree.

Some brands advertising authenticity may on closer inspection fail to deliver, resorting to deceptive labeling with seductive design cues to suggest and imply something that it’s not!

We call this new phenomenon, Faux Craft!

So what's the motivation for producers or marketers to produce faux craft products and then pass off mystery and provenance as illusion... THE GREEDY BUCK!

Designers and producers will tell anyone that’ll listen: there’s no short cuts to the creation process other than lots and lots of time, passion and cash burn!

In a sense it's the initial quick dollar forgone that makes the craft process so attractive to consumers, delivering the expectation of a superior product!

The 1950s to early naughts of this Century production was all about faster and cheaper; today the market is eschewing the fast, lazy buck in favour of the crafted dollar!

Crafted products, are the result of human ingenuity and passion. Companies falsely claiming unearned pedigree must be held to account!