November 22, 2016

Diageo Rejects Free Pouring

Bartender free pouring shots with text Diageo Rejects Free Pouring

World liquor behemoth, Diageo Bar Academy, through its Bartender/Bar Owner outreach program, is now promoting the importance of a consistent and accurate liquor serve.

The biggest surprise in the Bar Academy advocacy program is that finally: Diageo is recommending NO FREE POURING of alcohol.

In their blog Mastering Pouring and Cutting Techniques, they iterated that "free pouring is not a favorable technique. It can lead to increased waste of ingredients, inconsistent drinks, unsafe measures of alcohol, less accuracy, and poor customer experience".

For far too long, the liquor industry has refused to see the relevance and importance of ensuring that alcohol, a key ingredient in every cocktail, is treated seriously with respect to the guest by serving the correct volume of alcohol, with no guessing.

At Über, we believe that the 3 crucial elements to pouring a perfect serve pivots around:

  1. Cocktails must be memorable to delight the guest.
  2. It must be consistent, accurately measured and served to meet compliance standards.
  3. Must be profitably made to guarantee a long term, sustainable business.

Any single element missing in a serve, the delivered result fails.

To many bartenders, free pouring equates to skill and elegance, a prized commodity. Yet on another level, this could be considered nothing more than ego.

Making cocktails is not about a bartender, ego or looks, it’s revolves around the guest—delivering a valued experience, happily paid and hopefully re-ordered.

It has now taken a big company like Diageo to admit that free pouring alcohol is bad, ultimately reducing quality and profits.