December 05, 2016

Better Tools and Training Trumps Talent

 Better Tools and Training Trumps Talent | Überbartools™

Apologies to our many friends in the US, with our choice of title.

Every bar cries out for experienced bar staff.

Experienced meaning bartenders possessing the requisite knowledge, skills and mindset to excel at the job.

Experience of course comes at a price and in a global sellers’ market, the buyer, namely the bar must pay over the odds to acquire the required talent.

Seems fairly logical, right?

Now here’s the secret very few understand and even less share.

To compensate for poor, badly performing bar tools (as many bars do not see the value in higher quality, more precise tools), better, more expensive bar staff must be retained to overcome the negative consequences of using poor quality tools.

If this doesn’t make sense , here’s another way of looking at it:.

Let’s say a business is using antiquated software to run accounts, process wages, and evaluate sales. To overcome for the shortfall in software, more staff are required to make sense of the mess..meaning higher costs and more time consumed to get the results required.

At Uber we know that investment in rock star bartenders will not always compensate for a lack of investment in the proper tools. Give a mid level bartenders better tools and you could find they can shake it up just as well as their more experienced brothers using lower quality bartools.