Being at the top of the bartending game means - train train train!

May 23, 2018 1 Comment

Being at the top of the bartending game means - train train train!

The explosion of hipster bars and craft cocktails in recent years has transformed the cocktail industry from fanciful drinks with funny names to a serious drinking experience.

And cocktail making has become a fascination, a passion and, for many, a pretty serious obsession. As a result, bartending is no longer a stopgap job, or a university rent subsidiser, it's a profession.

Bartenders are the industry professionals and it is essential they’re at the top of their game. They must be absolute experts in their arena – it’s vital they are not only highly skilled but highly trained.

“Bartending can open up doors to ownership, to ambassadoring for a brand, for travel across the globe. And that means that training is more important than ever — for the guest experience, sure, but also for your own career,” says the Australian Bartender.

Bartender Training Makes Business Sense

Uberbartools bartender training makes business sense

What’s more, it’s good for business too. Your bartenders will make or break your customer’s experience of your bar. And bartenders who give great service, because they are confident in what they do and enjoy their job, will definitely make your bar a better place to be.

As A Bar Above puts it; “Happy and knowledgeable staff are one of the best forms of advertising a bar can have”

But it’s more than just that, training goes hand-in-hand with being happy and knowledgeable. Constant training means bar staff are more skilled and more likely to create a cocktail experience with consistency, accuracy, precision and flair.

Train Staff to Save Money

Save money with in-house bar staff training from Uberbartools

We often talk about the importance of accuracy for consistency in customer service, but we also know that pouring accuracy has a big affect on costs.

Liquor wastage has a huge impact on a bar’s profitability – we’ve spent a lot of time researching this and we know the signs of a bar that is losing money due to liquor wastageOf course every bar experiences some liquor loss, but there are ways to reduce it, including of course, staff training.

There is certainly a real science to pouring drinks properly  - the timing and physics of pouring a shot, the speed of different liquids and affect of other materials on that pour - and understanding that science means the difference between an average bartender and an expert in your industry.

Training Plus Tools Equals Top Bartenders

Better yet, train your staff to be expert pourers AND provide them with the tools they need to achieve said expert pour (like accurate jiggers and efficient speed-pourers!) and you're on to a winning combination.

Uberbartools accurate jiggers and efficient speed pourers for bartenders

At Uber we really care about accuracy, efficiency and precision. Not only do we believe that the right tools can create these three fundamental aspects of a well-run, profitable bar, but we also believe that your staff should be well equipped enough with knowledge and skills to create them too.

We offer in-house training at your bar – meaning you can relax, get the staff in and have a bit of fun while learning some vitally important tools of the trade.

Most bars are losing money on liquor wastage, and much of it is down to accuracy – tools and training will wipe that out, and we're here to help!

Contact us to find out more about Uber training options.

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Jon lark
Jon lark

May 18, 2018

Were are based on Kangaroo Island so a little out of the way.
Can we access your training in Adelaide for one or two of our staff? or can we fly you over to KI next time your in Adelaide?
What do you typically charge for training

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