June 07, 2020

Bartender Speed and Efficiency

Bartender swiftly making and serving cocktail

Achieving speed and efficiency in the service of drinks and bartending is the ‘end game’ that all hospitality professionals strive for.

Once achieved, it means that bartenders are prepared to serve the customers in an efficient and friendly manner to ensure an elevated drinks experience for the customers. It also means that the business owner has the greatest potential to make a profit. In today’s modern hospitality environment, every competitive advantage gained can be the difference between success and failure.


In bars and restaurants, speed in and of itself, is a good thing. The faster we can work, the more customers we can serve and hence more money in the till. However, speed should never mean a compromise to accuracy or quality of the drink served, or the perceived level of service given to each customer. In this context, efficiency refers to doing things with speed but in an orderly, organised, streamlined and profitable manner.

Speed can also be thought of as an attitude. It’s a mindset built on a conscientious passion. Each individual bartender makes the decision on how fast, or how committed they are to getting the job done. When it’s busy on the bar and customers are lined up waiting to be served, the usual response is to knuckle down and get through the peak service period with your bar team, gaining great pleasure from the shared moment of pulling together to achieve the common goals.

Bartender pouring liquor into a glass using the BarRay strainer


Speed is what the customer sees, whereas efficiency is what the bar owner measures in dollars. Efficiency is a behind-the-scenes measure of doing things in the easiest, cost-effective manner, resulting in a more enjoyable working environment for bartenders so they can serve more customers at a high level of quality.

Bartender expertly juggling a liquor bottle with BarFlow speed pourer attached and a Boston Tin shaker

Bartenders are in a constant pressure to swiftly deliver quality, accurate and consistent cocktail, drinks and service to customers. From investing in regular trainings to acquiring innovative, high-quality bar tools, your business will be a lot closer to that 'end game'.

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