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Bar tools are a grudge purchase.. Does it make any sense?

February 11, 2020

Bar tools are a grudge purchase.. Does it make any sense?

For some bar and pub operators spending (investing) money on quality bar tools is a pain point. 
Like replacing car tires, there's a reluctance to spend even when needed.

Sometimes this is called a “Grudge Purchase".

Funnily enough, there's a similarity between replacing car tires and bar tools. 

Both tend to involve gritting one’s teeth.

Replacing Car Tires and Bar Tools

According to international inventory mavens Sculpture Hospitality and Barmetrix most operators lose upwards of  20% of every shot of alcohol poured. 

Sculpture Barmetrix | Überbartools™
Recently, we provided Australian/NZ hospitality suppliers with a Pour and Measure White Paper
The White Paper helped de-mystify the direct costs to a venue's profitability by not investing in bespoke Pouring and Measuring tools. 
liquor Booklet | Überbartools™
Customer Feedback fell into 2 categories:
  1. Hands on operators seeing wasted liquor pooled on bar counter tops for example or more discretely in monthly inventory discrepancies (variance between POS depletion and physical inventory on hand) seemed to act pretty quick to stop their losses. 
  2. Larger multi-venue operators framed the situation more as a grudge purchase, not seeing a need to invest, despite the huge costs associated with doing nothing. 

Maybe it's time to re-consider grudge purchases as operational investments, that have upfront costs yet short term ROI. 

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