November 02, 2023

Bake and Bar

Cocktail and pizza

When COVID-19 hit, retailers told us that Bake and Bar were two strongly performing categories. Not surprising given the number of consumers stuck at home looking for creative and pleasurable ways to fill in a day or evening.

Within the broader Bar category, it’s cocktail making that’s grabbing most attention. Bottle shops confirm increased spend on base spirits (vodka, gin, rum and whisky), the platform required to make the most popular cocktails.

Cocktail making post-COVID has seen a number of trends emerge such as:

  1. Increased interest in home bartending
    Many people learned to make cocktails at home out of necessity during the pandemic. This trend has continued post-COVID, as people have come to appreciate the convenience and creativity of home bartending.
  2. Experimentation with new flavors and ingredients
    As people become more knowledgeable about cocktails, they are also becoming more adventurous with their choices. This led to a growing interest in cocktails made with exotic ingredients and unique flavor combinations
  3. Cocktails with unusual preparation techniques
    Bartenders and people are also using and exploring unusual preparation techniques to create new and innovative cocktails. For example, you might see cocktails that are smoked or infused with gases.

Whether you're already on the high road to your DIY or professional bartending journey, or only beginning to explore the wonderful liquor world, the cocktail scene post-COVID is more diverse and exciting than ever before. With a focus on experimentation and creativity, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Explore our cocktail collection and you might just discover new flavours and combinations, or try below recipes to get you started! 

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