September 18, 2015

The Perfect Pour... Why it works for Guinness!

The Perfect Pour... Why It Works for Guinness! | Überbartools™

Note: Does not imply the brand's endorsement Überbartools™

Bars and Pubs around the world pride themselves on pouring a perfect pint of Guinness!
So much investment is made in equipment and training to guarantee that the Guinness promised to consumers is delivered and kept.
The question one should ask is: “Why does Guinness do this?”
It comes down to, we believe, three main reasons:

  1. The experience: Guinness makes a promise on quality and taste, which consumers gladly invest in to enjoy the experience of Ireland in a glass; just as the brewer intended it.
  2. Consistency: Consumers know that the experience which awaits them will be the same at every place serving Guinness on tap.
  3. Value for money: Quality, consistency, and experience in a glass represents value; something consumers will happily pay for. Whilst many competitive beer brands offer a product, almost none can replicate the Guinness experience; thereby Guinness owns the hearts, minds and imaginations of successive generations of loyal followers!

How to Pour the Perfect Pint | Überbartools™



Ironically, when it comes to serving spirits on premise, liquor companies invest a fortune in product development, packaging, advertising and placement. However, they are unconcerned about the weakest point in the chain, the part ironically which is the make or break of the promise made to a consumer enjoying a particular brand; the experience is served in a glass by a bartender using  inferior and unreliable pouring and measuring tools.
The time, effort and money invested in delivering a brand in a bottle to a bar, to be eventually served reliably and accurately; just as the distiller intended, is frankly a 50/50 bet, or maybe less!
Making a promise in a bottle and keeping the faith in a bar are two very different propositions; not always valued at the point of pour!
Guinness understands that irrespective of where their beer is served and by whom… It will always taste the same, and therein lies the promise delivered every time.
Regrettably, we cannot say the same about spirits served in a bar, as the tools required to deliver the promise are not invested in.
Research shows that inconsistently prepared drinks create category swap, as guests turn to the next drink option of a liquid that’s either tapped or popped open and then poured straight into a glass without any fuss or mistakes.

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