June 24, 2015

Back Bar Pricing Pyramid | Überbartools™

Many bars and restaurants are not properly setup to maximize guest up sell.

It's important to set up a back bar to accommodate multi-tier pricing across categories.

One of the most efficient ways to set up a back bar is using a Back Bar Pricing Pyramid or Bar Grid.

In a nutshell the cheapest brands start at the bottom of a shelf whilst more expensive brands are graduated upwards.

A great example of well set up Back Bar is local Sydney icon Smoking Panda with a 6 tier pricing pyramid for their pricing structure ($9, $10, $11, $12, $15, $25).

The grid is replicated twice to allow for 2 teams of bartenders to operate behind a speed rail/back bar duality – in other words the back bar is mirrored twice so that bar tenders literally turn around to access the choice/brand required. No crossover nor wasted operational time during peak service times.

A great back bar creates a visually enticing liquor “palette” so that inquisitive guests  can relax and then  “initiate” bar tender conversations by asking questions.

Download here your complimentary Bar Grid work sheets.

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