May 28, 2015

Once upon a time... service was thought of as the great differentiator between businesses!

Now when transparency, customer ratings, competition is everywhere, NO business cannot afford to offer anything less than great customer service. 

Yet, great service has become a commodity!
When everyone’s offering great service, do your guests then value or consider your service as a differentiator? 

This week l had the experience of going to a local motor registry office… prior experiences were an experience in helplessness and humiliation as  a public
(potentate) servant threw my "wait" around.

Things have since changed, today customers have the option of rating their service experience at an exit rating machine.


The arising question: when great service is no longer a differentiator what can one implement as a competitive counter move… the answer 
Delivering Exceptional Experiences!

Everything can be copied yet within the 4 walls of a business one can create and own a unique customer’s experience that delivers exception and in the process success. Try it!

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