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December 18, 2014 1 Comment

It’s been often said that the concern to save our environment overshadows far more substantial losses that every bar in the world suffers from!

Our research has found that there’s a direct relationship between the cost of electricity and the cost of alcohol referred to as the Shots “n” Watts paradigm!

Aren’t we all guilty of forgetting to turn off lights, power down the A/C, or taking for granted some electricity chewing device… do any of us give it a moment’s thought? On the other hand the same could be said about the more financially devastating impact of alcohol wastage.

To understand the Shots “n” Watts Paradigm we internationally surveyed the costs of electricity and equivalents costs of alcohol in 4 countries. The results are quite unbelievable!

Shots Vs Watts World Survey

The key take-outs:

1. That approx. 1 shot of alcohol is roughly equal to 10% of the cost of ONE kilowatt hour of electricity.

2. That wastage / over-pouring of really small amounts of alcohol, 3 and 5 mL (1/10th - 1/6th Oz) costs more in comparable $ wastage, than what it costs to run 1 Kilowatt hour of electricity.

3. It only takes just 3-4 seconds to pour a standard drink... with arising over-pouring losses/wastage multiplied many times per minute per hour.

Ironically many electricity saving/generating gizmos have payback periods measured in 5 year chunks… yet when it turns to saving massive amounts of money to reduce liquor loss… the answer is meh!

Saving the planet is sexy, saving money is virtuous… why not do both!

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