What’s the Brew ha-ha About?

October 23, 2014 2 Comments

Note: Today’s blog is dedicated to Geoff Ross former founder of 42 Below Vodka, now all “hopsed” up with New Zealand craft beer producer Moa.

Doesn't the answer depend on which side of the still you’re on!

The word Craft Distiller seems destined to become a sentence, as unrelenting Craft Brewers become the distillers of tomorrow... should this trend continue, small distillers beware... the Kings of Brew are looking to Mow(a) your lawn!

This type of disintermediation is not new and is being played out across many industries, as the lines between manufacturer, producer and consumer are blurring; shrinking barriers to entry, reducing margins, increasing competition to the chagrin of incumbents!

Over the last 5 years Craft Brewers have created quite a market for new consumers questing for quality, innovation, bespoke flavours, with arising experiences and exciting new expressions to match.

Craft Distillers by their own admission are now disadvantaged by the very positives that separated them from the big boys of distilling: namely speed to market, production, and volume. These issues when smashed over the net to a brewer become  at best a marginal cost, with raw materials added quickly and cheaply, with excess production, distilled to create base spirit for barrelling (if required!).

Regrettably  Craft Distillers  mostly win  loyalty slowly;  brewers have established fans who’ll journey on to ciders and possibly newer categories with little or NO risk to the brewer making the segue!

Whilst the recent debate between Distiller and Craft Distillers has raged... a new killer has been lurking the depths ready to fight!

Now see what the brew ha-ha’s about!

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2 Responses


May 10, 2015

If you live in a region where water is very cnitamonated, it would be wise to consider anothersolution such as differing filters that you can fit around your home (shower filter,faucet filter or even a whole house filtration systemwhich would ensure all of your water is as a good as getting it direct fromone of natures springs. This is because many distillers do not require any assembly or installation.Though some environmental organizations see nuclear energy as a solution to the growing climate change, others remain wary.


May 09, 2015

On the julep note, I’ve had some delicious jupels that were made in gigantic batches. Something about the mint just soaking in the liquid for a long time (vs. being crushed to a pulp, which is different) adds a delicate infusion. The mint seems to soak into every drop. Anyway, that’s all to say don’t be afraid to make a big vat of jupels for a hot day and ice em as you go.Count me as another vote for drinking sugar crystals from the bottom of the glass with a straw

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