September 10, 2014

Provenance, Read the Fine Print!

Provenance, Read the Fine Print! | Überbartools™

Provenance is the event horizon authenticating a product’s journey from start to finish.

History, heritage, pedigree; serve as the assurance to guarantee consumers favourable experiences.

With consumers increasingly becoming more curious about health impacts of food and drink, will more attention flow towards greater product transparency...?

The WHERE (it’s from) will become less important than the WHAT (it’s made of!)

Grab any soft drink can, beer bottle and most packaged food, flip it around to discover a long list of chemical ingredients. Everything is there to be seen from how much sugar, fat, preservatives etc. etc. is used.

The broader thought: informed consumers make better decisions!

If you’ve got an allergy, a health issue.... diabetes, heart disease, weight or cholesterol issues:  read a product’s “discovery label” to decide whether that product may have harmful impacts!

Informed Consumers Make Better Decisions! | Überbartools™Taking this thought one step further: will activist consumers make demands on regulators to enforce stringent labelling transparency on more product categories?
In the not too distant future, could pressure be forced on the Wine industry to declare contents and chemical composition of Wine? What would the spill-over effects be on the Spirit industry?

Under these circumstances can  the most pure Spirit brands still  advertise as being the most pure, the most natural if a chemical analysis is forced onto its outer packaging.

Could new Prohibitionists (the anti-liquor lobby) force greater alcohol restrictions and higher taxes in the pursuit of their self-righteousness?

Here’s a thought: governments (in a democracy) require Legislation to restrict or prohibit things, however it’s the public service at the behest of Government who can proscribe regulations (declaring something to be or not to be) bypassing the legislative process and public scrutiny!

When the day comes for the Wine and Spirits industry to become label transparent, marketing fundamentals relied upon for hundreds of years will also change from amazing storytelling, mystique, provenance and pedigree to that of plain old cardboard facts?


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