LuxRoll™ - Branded


The Lux Roll™ by Überbartools™ is the ultimate craft bartender carry roll.

Complete with 12 tools, every design and production detail has been carefully stewarded by our team to ensure perfection!

To add the finishing touch, Über will discretely emboss your logo to take pride of place!

Inquire All inclusive pricing is offered on production quantities starting from as low as 24 sets, to cater for brands with limited budgets.

LuxRoll™ Contents:

BarMister™, BarRay™, EndoBlade™, Juliep™, M Shaker™, LuxFork™, LuxPik™, ProMegjig™, ProPaddle™, ProTeardrop™, ProTrident™, Tweezer

  • Comprehensive set of bar tools in a convenient water-resistant roll case
  • Available in World, US & Canadian versions
  • Heavy duty shoulder strap
  • Leatherette carry case

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    Dimension (LxH): 380 x 170 mm (15 x 6.7 in)
    Weight: 2000 gm (4.4 lbs)
    Material: Various
    Colours: Tan
    Item Number: 46/LUXROLL-PROMO

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