Cocktail Chimney Set by Überbartools™

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Only sold in Australia

Cocktail Chimney Kit is the new experiential tool for engaging bartenders and culinary enthusiasts by adding rich, smoky flavours to your favourite spirits and a captivating touch of showmanship to your mixology.

This cocktail chimney smoker has a controlled airflow system that focuses the smoke, ensuring an even and delicate infusion without overwhelming your drink. No more bitter char, just pure, aromatic delight.

How to use the Cocktail Chimney:

  1. Place the chimney on a glass* and add wood chips over the mesh.
  2. Use a lighter to ignite the wood chips on the chimney.
  3. Place the lid over the chimney to capture the smoke and infuse it in the drinks inside the glass.
  4. Remove the chimney after 30 seconds and enjoy!

Set includes:

    *Glass not included. Images are for sampling purposes only.

    For bulk inquiries, please email:

    Material: Wood
    Item Number: 46/GS-090