Introducing Uberbartools WineStepJig

Überbartools™ WineStepjig™ is the single measuring solution for bars and restaurants to reduce wine and champagne wastage.
  • Multi-measures: 150, 120, 90, 60, 30mL easy to follow step volume gradients
  • Ergonomic: Easy to hold and pour, reduces spillage
  • Beautiful Design: Reinforces ritual built around a premium serve
  • Trilobal Edges: Easy pour out lips, reduces wastage
  • No Residue: Can be used for red, whites, rosés with no residual aftertaste when rinsed
  • Multiple uses: Wine, Champagne, Fortified Wines, Spirits and Modifiers

Dimension LxH): 169 x 67 mm (6.65 x 2.64 in)

Material: ABS

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