Values and Ideals

We are innovative

If we we’re only allowed a single value, it would be this one.

We’ve spent all our time as a company making innovation the champion of our business.

It’s a value that’s born from passion, that unreasonable focus that delivers experience and inspires the next.

We look for innovation in all aspects of what we do, working with passionate best to harness experience and understanding and deliver the next in logistics, packaging and the way we market our products.

We are focused on celebrating the success of today and coming back to make things better tomorrow.

We are Australian

Australian isn’t an ethnicity, it’s an attitude.

A lucky country, true. Blessed with sun, and sand, and surf. Peopled by a group whose biggest similarity is their diversity. We’re a long way from anywhere where someone else makes the rules, and that’s good, because we’re kind of fond of making up our own.

Australian is a sense of humour. A cold beer and a laugh. A cheeky smile and quick wit that make a work day fly.

For us it’s defined as well by mateship. Strong bonds quickly and openly made, where mateship is returned it will stay strong forever, even when a thousand thousand miles and many days lie between us.

We will be there when it counts and all we ask is the same in return.

We are authentic

It seems like every brand on earth is trying to manufacture this as the core to their brand

For us, it comes down to six words:

Fake has no place with us.

We are committed

We do what we say we will.

We are committed to our customers.

They believe in us enough to buy our tools, we will make make sure that belief is the best decision they make.

We are committed to our staff. They make this brand possible. We treat them like family.

We are committed to our industry.