The ProGrip™

The original motivation for ProGrip™ was and still is, helping bartenders to muddle stick drinks with greater ease, using less energy with no repetitive strain injury.

What we didn’t understand at the time was a more universal application of the ProGrip™; assisting all people to perform everyday tasks, even actions which disenabled people struggled with!

Legacy handle design mandates to engage with a handle a user must form a fist or pistol style grip to hold a tool; inability to make a fist renders a tool impossible to use; creating an obstacle, with an arising issue to solve!

Activities such as rotation (stirring) and compression (pounding) and directional (extension) movements; impact differently on a user’s fingers, hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders. Over time creating different issues in and on the human body!

Regrettably people suffering from RSI, hand strain, medical conditions, age related illness, missing fingers, have limited or no ability to form a fist! In such circumstances how can they use a tools to assist with daily activity or life amenity?

That’s where we believe the ProGrip™ will offer a solution to assist, relieve and empower users!

Stay tuned.

For more info click here do download the ProGrip Presentation.

The ProGrip™ Anatomy

The ProGrip™ Relationship