About Us Old


It’s probably worth starting by explaining our name. Über is a German word that’s made the jump into the English language as well, capturing the concept of being “beyond expectation” and the “best of the best” in one neat package.
From a brand perspective for us, it’s much more than a word. Über is our intent in everything we do and it’s evident in the product we supply and the way we do business. We’re also rather fond of the two little dots that garnish the u as well.
All Über products share some key characteristics. They all begin with a real life problem and deliver an innovative solution that solves it. They all are crafted from quality inputs and finished to exacting standards that come to life in feel, function and use. We set out to deliver the best tool for the job, and we believe that from first touch, and through sustained use, you agree with us.
Hospitality is an industry that we’re Über fond of. Delivering people great food and drink is an act that changes them on a molecular level. The folks who work in the industry are a special breed, driven by a love of delivering an experience through both product and service that is best they can fashion. We are happy our brand is in their hands as they do this.
Überbartools™ are designed to make the perfect drink. The quality of the design solution and finish on the products allows a bartender the best control in producing a drink that is memorable, balanced and profitably made to the last drop. The perfect drink is both memorable and remarkable; the exact attributes that drive word of mouth recommendation for a venue and brings footsteps to your door. The perfect drink is also profitable, we like great bars to stay open and stay serving drinks. Überbartools™ drive profitably and deliver return on investment early.
We’re committed to long term partnerships. We’ll work with our clients to deliver custom solutions from a product, branding or distribution perspective. We stand by the quality of what we provide, now and for its lifetime. This spirit of partnership is reflected in the relationship between Michael and Sam, the founding partnership that delivers Über to the world.
The great thing about having an Über intention as a brand, it’s never achieved.

We’re constantly searching for new solutions to bring to customers. Our innovations will always look beyond the expectation of what is available to deliver what is possible….think of it as a dream turned into reality!
When dreams are the ladders to ones goals, using Überbartools™ is the first step in the journey.