BarFlow™ Fashion ENERGY (Orange)

Über BarFlow™ is the ultra-sleek speed pourer providing total control over the pouring process, minimising waste/leakage, saving mega $.

BarFlow™ solves your rusting, leaking and breakage issues as well as reduces over-pouring through greater volume and flow control.

The BarFlow™ is ideal for measured Cocktail Making and is used worldwide by Professional Bartenders for efficient Bartending.

Dimension (LxH): 120 x 33 mm (4.7 x 1.3 in)
Weight: 0.10 gm (0.22 lbs) (weight of the packaging not included)
Material: Food grade  ABS/TPE
Colours: Orange
Item Number: 46/BFF-900

 Download specs / Care Instructions

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