March 17, 2016

Wine, Whine, Whinge, Why?

Wine, Whine, Whinge, Why? | Überbartools™

We all hate it! Visit a bar or restaurant, order a glass of wine, receive it, look and think... "The tides out!"

Everyday tens of millions of consumers are faced with the horrible feeling they've been ripped off! Whether it's true or not that's not the point, it's the perception which counts.

In the US, consumers are fairly vocal when short changed saying something, elsewhere consumers may be more polite.

Imagine as a bar or restaurant owner, if a silent majority think they're being ripped off. How will this potentially impact on long term name, reputation and profitability?

Much of the issue resides with the business and not the guests, particularly when the house wine serve policy is not advertised on menus.

In some countries, a serving of wine is prescribed by law, in most it's notional, meaning some operators possibly use confusion to negative advantage.

To address the issue we suggest honesty and transparency to assuage customers questioning their serving.

When confronted with a questioning customer some will just top up a wine glass to silence the dissatisfied guest, but really couldn't this be mostly avoided if the serve policy was upfront for all to see!

Please just define and advertise your serve policy… everyone wins!